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You're invited to take a look at some of my art work  presented here in a music video format.






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Pow Wow?

The word "powwow" is derived from the Narragansett and Massachusett word, “pawe·wa” or “powwaw,” meaning healing ceremony, spiritual leader, one who dreams, etc. One source says: “Because trances were so important to the Native American shaman as a means of getting in touch with spiritual forces beyond the ken of the normal person, the title powwaw, literally meaning ‘one who has visions,’ was accorded him.” A work of art contains ideas and when they are interpreted, translated or evaluated in some way (in any way) by others, the creative process expands. A spiritual gathering of ideas occurs; the beginning of a pow wow.To a certain extent, we are all Powwows. We are all spiritually inter-related. We all have a relationship with spiritual forces, have day dreams and visions etc. And when there is an exchange of ideas between people, a pow wow occurs.  



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Stroll By Spiritual Ruins 





Dream Kiss






Self Inflicted Turmoil



 A Chi Note



 Advanced Anatomy of Jazz



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