Ladies & Gentlemen!

Ready or not, its here. Can't you smell the elephants?
Yes, its back. The 2012 revival of Ring Master, Shawn Hannity's three ring circus has returned. It features, as before, Rev. Jeremiah "Goddamn America" Wright, Black "Marxist" Liberation Theology and the mysterious link to President Barack Obama, "The Metrosexual, Black Abe Lincoln!"
What a show. But wait, something smells funny. Is it those darnn elephants on parade or is it the rising undercurrent of racism? Once you get a whiff of that stuff, it makes you sick and you can never ever forget it.
So here we are in a nation founded in large part on the idea of religious freedom and this circus crowd is marching around yelling and screaming about Black Liberation Theology as though "Black People" aren't free (or, perhaps, they don't think "Black People" have the spiritual capacity) to develop religious concepts, particularly when the concepts aren't understood by "White People" and are, therefore, unacceptable.
Has Ring Master Hannity and his marching circus clowns gone mad mocking our nation's Constitution? Its a sad sight.
This circus is getting old fast and starting to smell pretty damn bad.
Here's a Shawn Hannity expose' from the 2008 election season:

Here's James Cone in his own words:

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